ELITC has fully resumed classes with safe management measures implemented at our premises to keep learning safe amid the Covid-19 situation. If full online training is preferred, please contact us at +65 64832535 or email emarketing@elitc.com.

Synchronous E-Learning

In view of the measures implemented due to the Covid-19 situation, ELITC is offering the following WSQ courses for home-based learning. Make full use of this period to upskill your employees to enhance your organisation’s performance and prepare for the time when normal operation resumes.

Absentee Payroll funding is also available for these WSQ programs that are conducted fully online.

The following courses will be conducted together with the ongoing assessment by our qualified trainers and assessors under the ATO (Approved Training Organisation) scheme for the WSQ Certification.

ELITC offers all the following courses on a modular basis.

For dates other than the schedule listed in the table below, please contact us directly at emarketing@elitc.com or +65 6483 2535 to check availability.”

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WSQ Competency Modules Code Duration Course Date
Apply Basic DMAIC Problem Solving Techniques (Blended) SFw ABDST-SE 16 hrs 27 & 28 May’21
Manage Statistical Processes And Data Analysis In A Technical Environment (Blended) SFw MSPDATE-SE 16 hrs 3 & 4 Jun’21
Apply “8 Disciplines” Problem Solving Approach (Blended) SFw A8DPSA-SE 16 hrs 1 & 2 Jun’21
Manage Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (Blended) SFw MFMEA-SE 16 hrs 7 & 8 Jun’21
Manage Process Improvement (Blended) MPI-SE 24 hrs 7, 8 & 9 Jun’21
Implement Good Documentation Practices (Blended) IGDP-SE 7 hrs 31 May’21
Follow Good Manufacturing Practices (Blended) FGMP-SE 8 hrs 28 May’21
Apply Continuous Process Improvement Techniques (Blended) SFw CPIT-SE 15 hrs 9 & 10 Jun’21
Apply 5S Techniques (Synchronous E-Learning) 5S-SE 16 hrs 10 & 11 Jun’21
Perform Basic Productivity Practices (Blended) PBPP-SE 16 hrs 1 & 2 Jun’21
Apply Innovation in the Workplace (Synchronous E-Learning) AIW-SE 16 hrs 3 & 4 Jun’21
Apply Teamwork in the Workplace (Blended) TW-SE 14.5 hrs 31 May & 1 Jun’21
Apply Quality Systems (Blended) SFw QS-SE 16 hrs 2 & 3 Jun’21
Supervise Quality Procedures (Blended) SFw SQP-SE 16 hrs 7 & 8 Jun’21
Apply Workplace Safety and Health Policy (Blended) SFw WSH-SE 16 hrs 8 & 9 Jun’21
Supervise Workplace Safety and Health Practices (Blended) SFw SWSH-SE 24 hrs 9, 10 & 11 Jun’21
Perform Warehouse Operations (Blended) PWO-SE 17.5 hrs 27 & 28 May’21
Perform Stock Control and Housekeeping Operations (Blended) PSTCHO-SE 13.5 hrs 31 May & 1 Jun’21