Welcome To ELITC......your first stop in employee training

ELITC conducts courses to upgrade workers in the electronics industry and its supporting manufacturing companies through industry-based training courses for:

  • Continuing Education
  • WSQ Certification
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Work Skills Improvement
  • Foreign Workers English Training
  • IPC Training


Most courses can be delivered on an in-company basis to allow a greater number of staff to be trained and at the same time to ensure cost effectiveness for organisations. In addition, ELITC is able to develop customised work training packages to meet in-house training needs of companies.

A number of companies are recruiting foreign workers from countries like Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) and India. In our effort to assist these companies to recruit successfully, ELITC has developed a testing and training scheme to ensure better qualified workers are employed and the right training are provided to meet the requirements of government authorities.

Why are tests conducted?

Tests are conducted to gauge their English language proficiency and relevant technical skills (electronics or mechanical knowledge) so as to assist companies in their selection process before recruiting.

Once the candidates are selected and recruited for employment in Singapore, ELITC is able to train them in Workplace English and in Electronics Skills Training for their upgrading in electronics skills to prepare them for qualifying higher level of work passes.

There are eleven training rooms, of which, nine training rooms are fully equipped with training equipment, tools and computers located at Ang Mo Kio premises. Each room caters up to 25 participants. The ratio of trainer to student is 1:25 per class. These training rooms are available for rent, but subject to availability.