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Student Support Team

  1. Ms Joycelyn Lim (Lead)
  2. Ms Lim Lee Chin (Counselor)
  3. Ms Sharon Sng (Counselor)
  4. Ms New Lin Heok (Support)

The Orientation Programme is conducted before the commencement of the course. The orientation is a comprehensive programme that provides the students an opportunity to understand how ELITC operates including its one-stop service for the students. For International student, information on the Immigration Rules & Regulations and also relevant Singapore law were also provided to them. These will enable them to adapt to our local environment. The Orientation also covers the academic and administrative information of the course they enrolled.

ELITC provides Counseling service to students to assist them in their academic and personal well being. ELITC provides counseling services where care counselor will give emotional support to help the students to cope with mental stress relating to a new environment or course demands. In the event, that in spite of our Counselors intervention, they are not able to resolve the cases that are difficult to handle, the students will be referred to the Counseling Centre.

ELITC’s Student Support Services Department assists its international students to find accommodation while they are studying at ELITC.

If you require any assistance in looking for accommodation, please email us at student.support@elitc.com.

Students enrolling to ELITC’s course will be able to access E-learning via ELITC’s Learning Management System (LMS). For those who do not own a computing device at home, or have no access to computers can make use of the facilities in ELITC to access E-learning.