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“Good fundamental of the Virtual World,” commented Mr Kelvin Foo from Skyworks, one of the participants of our 2-day Apply Mixed Reality at the Workplace workshop that was successfully launched on 22 September 2020.


Partnered with Agilitas Learning, and supported by tech giants such as Microsoft, PTC & Taqtile, we were proud to bring forth a turnkey program that will be the driving force of the future of manufacturing. The workshop included hands-on activities using AR/VR tools such as Hololens 2, Oculus Quest and Realwear, enabling participants to experience immersive technology for themselves.

Reviews from many other participants were very encouraging too and unanimous, many liked the idea of experiential learning and getting their hands on the AR/VR gadgets that were on display. Mr Lim Thein Sean, one of the participants, said that it is an “excellent program to pick up AR skills”.

Apart from the hands-on experiences on various tools and platforms used in AR/VR, participants took away learning skills of how to utilize this technology to optimise their processes, productivity and efficiency, as well as the solutions, considerations, limitations and the impact of AR/VR technology have on their businesses.


So, if you have missed our initial launch, we will be organising another 2-day run in December 2020. For course outline, please click this link. If you need more information on the workshop, call us at 64832535 or alternatively, you can email us at emarketing@elitc.com. Register your interest now and we will see you there.


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