Duration: 16 Hours


We are already in the 4th Industrial revolution and the way we live ,work and play is changing day by day with the introduction of and use of Digital technologies in everything. Skills and Knowledge in the area of AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, Augmented Reality ,Cloud Computing, Social collaboration, Digital transformation are driving readiness of organisations.

As industries and markets come to terms in leading and managing in the Digital Age there is now a growing sense of urgency for organisations to address the people aspect which is  critical  to its success. HR is in the forefront in addressing on how to select, recruit , identify, equip, lead and manage the workforce of the future.

In this 2 days workshop participants  will learn the concepts ,tools and technologies required to initiate a workforce transformation strategy for their organisation by developing a learning experience ecosystem that shifts towards a  more democratized , social ,collaborative ,rea l time learning enabled by digitization.


Course Objective:

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand  the current disruptions and challenges facing an organisation in the Social & Digital age and in reference to their industry
  • ​State the evolution of the “Digital Workforce” and the changing role of HR and L&D
  • ​Understand the transformation of Organisational Learning and the Learning Experiecne ecosystem
  • ​Describe the democratised learning framework and the social collaborative learning architecture
  • ​Describe evolution of Learning Design methodology and Learning Curation
  • ​Explore new digital learning tools (VR/AR/MR, Social learning) enabling the digital learning experience
  • ​Explore  the use of Learning Data Analytics in performance development
  • Identify and create a High level Digital readiness plan to build and or transition current organizational learning for the Digital Workforce


Course Outline:

This course will cover:

  1. The Fourth Industrial revolution and the impact to Workforce Transformation
    • Understanding the 4th Industrial revolution and its impacts
    • Key drivers and trends in digital transformation
    • Case studies of digital transformation in industries
    • What is a “SMART” workforce
  2. Changing Role of HR and L&D
    • Challenges faced by HR in the Digital Age
    • Changing role of HR and L&D
    • Trends in Digital transformation of HR
    • Applications of digital technologies in HR
  3. Organisation Learning Framework
    • How learners learn in the Digital Age : Democratised learning
    • Introduction to the OrganisationaL Learning framework
    • Introduction to the Learning Experience Ecosystem covering the Learning platforms, learning design methodologies and learning tools and technologies
    • Introduction to Learning Curation framework.
    • Developing a Digital Learning strategy
    • Assessment and Learning effectiveness
  4. Learning Experience Ecosystem : Digital Learning Tools and Technologies
    • Learner engagement : Learner Journey in the Social and Digital Age
    • Application of Digital learning technologies and tools
      • Learning chatbots for learner engagement
      • Immersive Learning (AR/VR) in industrial training and certification
      • Using Gamification, Adaptive learning , social learning communities in learning design
      • Learning analytics for performance management
      • Learning platforms for learner social learning engagement
  5. Digital Readiness
    • Evaluation of your organisations current digital learning readiness
    • Application of Digital learning technologies and tools
    • Learner engagement : Learner Journey in the Social and Digital Age
    • Application of Digital learning technologies and tools


For Whom:

This workshop is targeted for anyone who is leading or managing the Digital transformation of their workforce and human capital development in their organisation.

HR and L&D leaders and practitioners who have an interest in social and collaborative learning in the digital age.


Entry Requirements:

Participants are assumed to be working professionals preferably with HR Background.


Essential Requirement:

Participants are required to bring their personal laptop for the work assignment.

Training Medium:

This course is conducted in English.

Training Methodology:

This course is delivered through mini-lectures, group activities and hand on application.

Assessment Methodology:

A work assignment and presentation are conducted at the end of the course.



A Certificate of Proficiency from ELITC & Agilitas Learning will be awarded to trainees upon completing and passing the assessment. Otherwise, a Certificate of Participation will be issued to those who attained a minimum attendance of 75%.