Code: EMWTI4

Duration: 8 Hours


We are already in the 4th Industrial revolution and the way we live, work and play is changing day by day with the introduction of and use of Digital technologies in everything. Terms like Artificial Intelligience, Machine Learning, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Process Automation, Digital Transformation are now the norm.

As manufacturing sector comes to terms in leading and managing in a Digital Age there is now a growing sense of urgency for companies to address the people aspect which is critical to its success, addressing on how to identify, equip, lead and manage the workforce of the future.
This workshop provides an overview and the skills needed for the manufacturing workforce to be ready and successful in the Digital Revolution.


Course Objective:

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Digital disruption and the impact to the manufacturing sector.
  • Understand the changes within the manufacturing workplace and impact to current roles and emerging new role.
  • Identify and be equipped with the digital skills and knowledge to be future-ready, to be prepared for the evolving workplace changes.
  • Identify technologies and business process improvement initiatives to support the digital adoption and transformation back at the manufacturing workspace.


Course Outline:

This course will cover:

  • Overview of Industrial 4.0 : To recognize the accelerated Digital transformation taking place in the world and its impact to the Manufacturing Sector.
  • Digital trends in Manufacturing : Identifying the trends in manufacturing :Process automation @Robotics, IoT ,Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Digital Skills : Identifying oneself as a Digital Native or Digital Immigrant. Identify new skills and apply digital tools related to Manufacturing sector.
  • Process improvement : Understanding and adopting Digital Lean principles in creating value and improving business process at workplace.
  • Call to Action: Able to develop an action plan to continue learning.


For Whom:

Suitable for those who are not familiar with the new technologies at their work or in their personal lives.

Level of Proficiency:



Entry Requirements:

Participants are assumed to:

  • Be able to listen and speak English at a proficiency level equivalent to the Employability Skills System (ESS) level 3 and above;
  • Be able to read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ESS level 3 and above; and
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ESS level 3 and above.

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to those who attained a minimum attendance of 75%.