Setting the standards for quality, acceptance criteria and conformity to guidelines for bare printed boards.


To command productivity, having a good grasp and adequate knowledge on the quality of a circuit board and its workmanship, is essential in the world of electronics.

PCB manufacturers as well as assemblers depend on IPC-A-600 to understand and cope with any quality issues in dealing with their customers and suppliers. This highly recognized certification makes IPA-A-600 as one of the most sought-after programs that has been established by IPC.

At ELITC, we encourage companies, who are in the printed boards business and wants to make a statement to its users on the quality and high standards of their circuit boards, to ensure that their employees are equipped with this knowledge.

IPA-A-600 will focus on the information that line workers, operators, inspectors, engineers and purchasers need to know when inspecting, accepting or rejecting printed bare boards.


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IPC “Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)”
IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards External and Internal


Course Description:

This course is designed to certify Operators/Inspectors in identifying characteristics that may occur either internally or externally in the printed circuit board. This includes characteristics in the base material, plated-through-holes, internal conductive copper pattern, treatments to the internal copper, and internal planes.



Learners will have the ability to identify acceptable/non-conforming conditions for:

  • Surface imperfection
  • Subsurface imperfections
  • Imperfections in conductive circuitry
  • Hole characteristics
  • Solder resist imperfections
  • Marking anomalies
  • Dimensional characteristics


Students will demonstrate knowledge of the IPC-A-600 standard and accept/reject criteria by successfully passing an open and closed written exam.

Students will receive a Certified IPC Specialist certificate with an overall score of 70% or better, on classroom written exams.


What the “Learner” Receives:
  • IPC-A-600 Manual
  • IPC “Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)” Certificate


Duration: 3 Days

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