A certification on setting the standards for acceptability of electronic assemblies


Renowned as the most widely used inspection standards in the electronics industry, IPC-A-610, has earned an international status in providing trusted certification for end-product acceptance and reliability for users and manufacturers alike.

Topics covered from hardware installation and soldering to assemblies, IPC-A-610 certification will definitely equip your staff with the necessary knowledge to spot and make informed decisions on quality issues.

Companies alike, agree that by training their employees in IPC-A-610, it plays an integral part in showcasing their dedication to quality awareness. This, in turn, boosted their customers confidence in them resulting in higher profitability.


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IPC “Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)” Course
IPC-A-610 Certification – Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies


Course Description:

The education and training goal of this program is to improve individual “discrimination” skills; that is, to improve accuracy of discrimination between “acceptable” or “unacceptable” electronic assembly per the IPC-A-610 series. This program will also teach individuals the reasons for the accept/reject criteria to enhance their motivation and ability to consistently and correctly apply the discrimination criteria.



Upon satisfactory completion of this course:

  • Students will be able to make correct “accept/reject” decisions for the appropriate class/classes of production based on the acceptability requirements of IPC-A-610.
  • Successfully pass written exams with a 70% or better average score on the open and closed book exam


Course Structure:

Module 1 – (required) Introduction/IPC Professional Policies and Procedures;

Module 2 – (required) Foreward, Applicable Documents, & Handling (chapters 1,2,3)

Module 3 – (optional) Hardware Installation (chapter 4)

Module 4 – (optional) Soldering (Including High Voltage chapters 5 & 12)

Module 5 – (optional) Terminal Connections (chapter 6) (Requires Module 4 prior to taking this module)

Module 6 – (optional) Through Hole Technology (Including TH Jumper Wires chapters 7 & 11) (Requires Modules 4 & 8 prior to taking this module

Module 7 – (optional) Surface Mount Assemblies (Including SMT Jumper Wires chapters 8 & 11) (Requires Modules 4 & 8 prior to taking this module)

Module 8 – (optional) Component Damage and Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies (chapters 9 & 10)

Module 9 – (optional)Solderless Wire Wrap (chapter 11)


What the “Learner” receives:
  • IPC-A-610 Manual
  • IPC “Certified IPC Specialist (CIS)” Certificate


Duration: 3 or 4 Days

Price: Call to enquire

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