Code: WPE-L5

Duration: 18 Hours


English is commonly used in the working environment today. Knowledge of English will allow two-way communication to be much easier and instructions to be carried out more accurately and effectively. This will avert costly mistakes in production due to misunderstanding and misinterpreting instructions.

This course is designed for learners who have basic knowledge of English and want to improve in the language for use in the workplace. Learners will be taught fundamentals in grammar, work-related vocabulary and be taught how to write messages and business letters. There will also be exercises on reading and listening, to provide a wholesome learning experience.



On completion of this course, learners should be confident and competent to speak English. They should be able to write emails, business letters, Job Description and 5 years goal.



This course will cover:

Language Structure

  • Grammar usage
  • Vocabulary
  • Composition

Conversation Practice

  • Expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Providing support
  • Complaining and discussing problems
  • Apologising and replying to apologies
  • Explaining and understanding duties
  • Asking for feedback


  • Email
  • Business letter
  • Job Description
  • 5 years goal



A Certificate will be awarded to individual upon completing and passing oral, written and listening skills tests. Otherwise, a Statement of Attendance will be issued to those who attained a minimum attendance of 75%.

For Whom:

Suitable for:

  • Anyone who has completed ELITC’s Workplace English – Level 4 or;
  • Anyone who has completed an equivalent level of English programme from other language providers as above or;
  • Anyone who can comprehend and communicate the English language at a reasonable level.