Code: IE

Duration: 24 Hours


This course is designed for engineers employed from foreign countries. Usually they have some knowledge of English with the ability to comprehend simple instructions in English. The course is to improve the ability of participants to converse and write simple memos in English.



On completion of this course, learners will be able to speak more confidently, write simple memos, and make use of local and industrial terminologies.



This course will cover:


Involving topics like:

  • Meeting People;
  • Questions: like giving and asking for directions or assistance;
  • Showing concern for safety;
  • Receiving and delivering messages;
  • Discussing problems.


Exercises in writing:

  • Simple memos or instructions;
  • Notes in meetings and discussions.


  • Useful words used at work.



A Certificate of Participation will be issued to trainees who attained a minimum attendance of 75%.

For Whom:

Suitable for new engineers from foreign countries.