Code: MRWI

Duration: 4 Hours


This workshop is tailored for students, new graduates, and job seekers navigating today’s tough job market. Move beyond just academic and technical knowledge. Learn essential career skills like making great resumes and acing interviews. With the latest AI technology, this digital-focused workshop ensures you will gain skills that are instantly useful worldwide.


Participants will get insights into today’s job application trends and master top job platforms. Practice crafting standout resumes and gear up for interviews with the help of ChatGPT. Plus, uncover the secrets behind hiring choices and understand what employers seek.


The workshop is conducted via multi-faceted teaching methodology, including virtual bitesize lectures via Zoom, interactive Q&A sessions, and real-time demonstrations using ChatGPT. Practical exercises are integrated into the workshop to enable participants to apply the learned concepts, thereby ensuring immediate return on investment.


Course Objective:

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the Job Application Terrain with Ease
  • Craft Authentic Resumes with ChatGPT’s Assistance
  • Engage in Impactful Interview Conversations with ChatGPT’s Tips
  • Aware of the Core Factors that Sway Hiring Decision


Course Outline:
  • Job Application Process & Job Portals
    1. Latest Job Application Process
    2. Application Tracking System
    3. Job Portals
    4. JobStreet
    5. Mycareersfuture
  • Utilizing ChatGPT to Create Resume
    1. Purpose of a Resume
    2. Utilizing ChatGPT for Resume Crafting & Alignment
    3. Finishing touches with proper formatting and proofreading using ChatGPT
  • Ace the Job Interview with ChatGPT
    1. Importance of a Job Interview
    2. Types of Job Interviews
    3. Utilizing ChatGPT for Interview Preparation
    4. Advanced Interview Techniques using ChatGPT.
  • Secrets Behind Hiring Decisions
For Whom:

Suitable for students, graduating students, mid-career switchers and job seekers.

Entry Requirements:

Participants are assumed to:

  • Have intermediate computer and digital literacy:- MS Word and Zoom Virtual Meeting/Google Meets
  • Be able to listen, read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level 4 Low Intermediate (Lower Secondary) and above; and
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level 4 Low Intermediate (Lower Secondary) and above.


Essential Requirement:

Participants are required to bring their personal laptop for the work assignment.


Training Medium:

This workshop is conducted in English.


Training Methodology:

This workshop is delivered through bitesize lectures via Zoom/Google Meets, interactive Q&A sessions, and real-time demonstrations using ChatGPT.



A Certificate of Participation will be awarded to participants upon completing the workshop.


Other Information:

Other progression courses that participants can consider to further enhance their career development journey:

  • How to Script & Film a Video Resume – Learn how to script, film, and edit a professional video resume.
  • LinkedIn and Social Media Branding for Job Seekers – Learn to use LinkedIn and other social media platforms effectively for job hunting.
  • Navigating the Corporate World: A Guide for New Graduates – Gain essential knowledge of the corporate environment, including etiquette and networking.