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Digi Wireless Singapore Pte Ltd

“We would like to thanks your organization in providing the training with good facilities and a top notch trainer. It was indeed a greater experience not that we expected a typical boring training. Honestly, it was a long training but the instructor kept it interesting and fun. In the scale of 1 to 10, we gave the highest score of 10 to the instructor.”

From: Mr Ng Yap Sheng
Designation: Production Manager
Company Name: Digi Wireless Singapore Pte Ltd
Course Dates: 24, 25 & 26 August 2020
Course Title: IPC-A-610 CIS
Email Dated: 6 October 2020

Skyworks Panasonic Filter Solutions Singapore

“Skyworks will like to thank ELITC for the professional service rendered in the arrangement of a customised training package which provided our organization an experienced industry trainer on various areas of learning ‐ in sputtering, photolithography, etching process, wet/clean process, thin film coating, etc.

Our staff’s feedback is that the trainer presented well the topics with clarity and experience; allowing them to understand the concepts and technology of different process workflows such as wet etch, wafer clean, etc. The participants were able to gather new contents and terminology through the useful visual presentation illustrated; they found themselves enjoying and understanding more with available case studies and group discussions in between.

We appreciate the opportunity to work closely with ELITC and the assigned trainer in our first successful runs and will continue doing so for further training needs this 2016; will recommend companies considering training with customisation to get in touch with ELITC’s ever‐willing and supportive staff to discuss on requirements.

Once again, sincere thanks for the facilitation and programs delivered.”


Chan Kin Fai
Skyworks Panasonic Filter Solutions Singapore
Dated: 25 January 2016

Edmund Optics | Singapore

“Dear All, Hope everyone is well.

I have tabulated the feedback from all our trainees after attending the Section Leaders Course (Mandarin) conducted at Edmund Optics Singapore premises dated 18, 25 Mar & 1 Apr 2015.

The course evaluation comprises of:

  • The trainers
  • Duration & pace of course
  • Evaluation of the course
  • Immediate Superior’s feedback after trainees attended the course

I hope this feedback shall serve and provide you an idea of how well the whole course has fair and benefitted our trainees.

Based on all the data collated and compiled, I am happy to note and conclude that the course conducted was very successful.

26.7% rated the overall assessment of the trainers as excellent while another 80% rated that the trainers has helped them achieve their training objectives. On the overall training slides found in slides #6, 13.3% of the trainees rated the course as excellent while another 80% rated it as good.

Their immediate superior has rated 80% of their trainees has shown significant improvement in performance after attending the course, while another 20% has minor improvement.

Thank you all for your hard work and making the course a success!”

Patrick Mak
Development & Training Coordinator
Edmund Optics | Singapore
Email Dated: 12 May 2015


Soitec Microelectronics

Lean 6 Sigma, Supplier Management

“As with any WSQ courses I took in 2012, AOE provide real life scenario you face in your workplace and offered you  effective problem solving skills to detect, analyse and resolve the issues, resulting in greater productivity, a sense of work satisfaction and team building among your co workers.

In Advance Management Level Planning, I am able to link my functional goals to company’s long term goals and anticipate possible likelihood with Risk Management tools, thus reducing uncertainty in production planning.

Project Management took me to a higher level of managing projects and taught me tools to work around constraints of Time, Money and Resources. I am now able to analyze the Net Present Value and critical path involved n planning, scheduling, and execution.

Process Improvement is a very useful module to reduce the variability caused by the parameters of production. Understanding what causes the variability enables you to control their tolerances (upper and lower limit) to meet customers’ requirement.

For 2012, I took a total of 24 SOA from WDA, and this translated to a 60%  pay increase in one year!

Overall AOE is a must attend course for someone who like to advance into management level, because all leaders led by examples. “

Alan Koo
Certified ISO 9001, 14001, 13485
OHSAS 18001 Auditor
Lean 6 Sigma, Supplier Management
Trainer (ACTA)
WSQ Certified Operations Professional
WSQ Associate Operations Executive
Dated: 3 January 2013


“Thank you for the support that Electronics Industries Training Centre (ELITC) has given e2i and Labour Movement. Our partnership started as early as 2005 where ELITC has supported the NTUC Skills Development Department for skills upgrading for the electronics industries and workers.

During 2008/2009 global recession, there were months that ELITC and your team of dedicated staff & trainers have stepped up to help companies in SAVE JOBS; CUT COST cause. The flexibility and understanding also enabled different demands on the ground including training for workers in 3rd shift to be met swiftly.

In FY2010, we embarked on new terrain. Together we developed “Basic Hand Tools” programme for the Medical Technology sector. The training programme was subsequently WSQ-ed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) under the national workforce framework, making the certification more recognized and valuable by the rest of the industry players & workers. Greatly appreciate ELITC to provide recruitment support after the training to ensure placement for the trainees.

Thank you for the continuous support and look forward to continue to work closely.”

Ms Lim Geok Khim
Assistant Director

Dated: 8 May 2012


ifm electronic Asia Pte. Ltd

Wangi Industrial Co. Pte Ltd

“We would like to thank ELITC for conducting CGM-I course for our operators. Our operators feedback ELITC’s bilingual trainers are very good in their presentation which are able to generate their participation and interest. Also, the CGM-I modules are applicable to their daily manufacturing work. They are very motivated and excited to apply what they have learned in their workplace.

Please help to convey our thanks and appreciation to your trainers. We will continue to engage ELITC’s services as the weekend class schedule did not affect our production and the course fees are reasonable.”

Wangi Industrial Co. Pte Ltd
Email Dated: 2 March 2012

Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd

“From the responses of the participants, the content of WSQ – Apply Quality Systems is relevant and trainer gave good examples of the application of the principles. Additionally, the trainer showed good facilitation skills.”

Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd
Email Dated: 6 August 2010