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The Management Committee sets policies and directions. Members elected to the Management Committee are representatives from member companies. There are fifteen companies who are the Founder Members. These companies, mostly multi-national corporations, contributed with funds towards the setting up of the Centre during the first five years of operation.

Management Committee

  1. Mr C. Rajakumar (Chairman)
  2. Ms Jennifer Chong (Honorary Secretary)
  3. Mr Voon Choon Yoon (Committee Member)
  4. Ms Rayna Tay (Committee Member)
  5. Ms May Ng (Committee Member)

Academic & Examination Board

The Academic and Examination Board were established by the Management Committee. Both Boards have members from the Management Committee and the Top Management of ELITC.

The role of the Academic Board shall not be limited to overseeing existing courses but also include the development of new courses and other academic developments that will further the academic status of the Centre. The Examination Board is responsible for ensuring that Academic standards are maintained through fair and rigorous assessment procedures. It is charged with the development, implementation and review of all assessment procedures.

The members of the Academic and Examination Board are:

  1. Mr C Rajakumar
  2. Mr Neo Aik Khiong
  3. Ms Lim Lee Chin


Reporting to the Management Committee, Academic Board & Examination Board, the Managing Director heads the operation with full-time administrative and academic staff. In addition to the full-time academic staff, there is a pool of part-time academic staff drawn from the industry, who are qualified and experienced, and bringing and sharing their knowledge and experience with ELITC.

The Management Team of ELITC comprises of the Top Management and Head of Department. Review of operation and strategic planning are conducted by the Team and recommendations of policy nature are then submitted for approval by the Management Committee.

The members of the Management Team are:

  1. Mr Neo Aik Khiong (Managing Director)
  2. Ms Lim Lee Chin (Specialist)
  3. Ms Joycelyn Lim (Manager, Operation & Technical)
  4. Ms Sharon Sng (Assistant Manager, Operation)


Mr Neo Aik Khiong is officially appointed as our Management Representative (MR) in the implementation of the EduTrust requirements.

Academic Staff

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