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Member Benefits:

Skills Upgrading Training

  • ELITC offers skills upgrading training courses at affordable fees (@ member rates) for all employees under the registered corporate member.
  • ELITC is flexible to customise courses for corporate members to suit their unique training needs (T&C’s apply)
  • For every annual membership renewal with ELITC, corporate members can receive training voucher of $100.00 in value to be utilised on any course enrolled with ELITC (T&C’s apply)
  • For corporate members where a candidate is nominated and successfully elected into the management committee of ELITC, the member will receive additional training voucher of $200.00 in value (T&Cs apply)
HRD Consulting Services

  • ELITC, being a member of the HRD Committee of the industry, is also able to share and advised on HRD information / knowledge within the industry with corporate members


  • Corporate members are included in ELITC’s mailing list to receive updates of ELITC and the industry via its quarterly newsletter
Marketing / Networking

  • Corporate members are listed in ELITC’s website
  • Free job posting in ELITC’s website

Member Categories

There are three categories of membership, namely, Founder, Ordinary and Associate Members.​
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Type of Member: Founder​
How to become member? Members are the group of companies that have contributed to the capital funds to setup ELITC. This category of membership is now closed.

Founder Members:

The following companies have contributed at least $2000 in capital subscription to be a Founder Member:​

  • Advanced Micro Devices (S) Pte Ltd
  • Asian Electronic Technology Pte Ltd
  • Circuits Plus Pte Ltd
  • CTS Singapore Pte Ltd
  • GE Group of Companies in Singapore
  • Gul Technologies Singapore Ltd
  • Hewlett-Packard (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Infineon Technologies (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
  • Micron Semiconductor Asia (Pte) Ltd
  • Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd
  • Panasonic Semiconductor Singapore
  • Intricon Pte Ltd
  • Seagate Singapore International Headquarters Pte Ltd (SSIHQ)
  • STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd
  • Tyco Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
Type of Member: Ordinary​
How to become member? Membership is open to companies registered or incorporated in Singapore and carrying on electronics or electrical manufacturing operations in Singapore or associate/related companies within the electronics industry.
Annual Subscription*
(ranges from S$216.00 to S$540.00 depending on the number of employees in the company)
Less than 500 employees – S$216.00​
501 – 1000 employees – S$324.00​
1001 – 2000 employees – S$432.00​
More than 2000 employees – S$540.00​
A non-refundable Entrance Fee of $540.00 may be levied
for new or re-admitted ordinary member.​

*Fees inclusive of GST.

Ordinary Members:

The following companies, either registered or incorporated in Singapore, and carrying on electronics or electrical manufacturing operations in Singapore and associated or related industries, have committed to contribute yearly subscription member fee to be Ordinary Members of ELITC:

    • AB SCIEX Pte Ltd
    • Amplus Communication Pte Ltd
    • Aptiv Safety & Mobility Services Singapore Pte Ltd
    • ASE Singapore Pte Ltd
    • ASMPT SMT Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Baxter Healthcare SA
    • Biosensors Interventional Technologies Pte Ltd
    • Blackmagic Design Manufacturing Pte Ltd
    • C&W Electronics Pte Ltd
    • Celestica Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
    • Certact Engineering Pte Ltd
    • D’Crypt Pte Ltd
    • ETLA Limited
    • Gardenia Foods (S) Pte Ltd
    • GES Singapore Pte Ltd
    • GLO Technical Engineering Pte Ltd
    • GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Heraeus Materials Singapore Pte Ltd
    • I-PEX Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Illumina Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Kinergy Corporation Ltd
    • Knight Auto Precision Engineering Pte Ltd
    • Li Chuan Food Products Pte Ltd
    • Lincstech Circuit Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Malaysia Dairy Industries Pte Ltd 
    • Markono Print Media Pte Ltd
    • MEDs Technologies Pte Ltd
    • Merit Medical Singapore Pte Ltd
    • MilWorks Solutions Pte Ltd
    • MIT Semiconductor Pte Ltd
    • Mitsui High-tec (S) Pte Ltd
    • MMI Systems Pte Ltd
    • Nippon Paint (S) Co Pte Ltd
    • NPI Solutions (Singapore) (Pte) Ltd
    • Opto-Pharm Pte Ltd
    • Pepperl+Fuchs Asia Pte Ltd
    • Prestech Industrial Automation Pte Ltd
    • Profoto Digital Services Pte Ltd
    • RF360 Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Sanmina-SCI Systems Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Sanwa Plastic Industry Pte Ltd
    • SCHOTT Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Siltronic Silicon Wafer Pte Ltd
    • Singapore Component Solutions Pte Ltd
    • Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd
    • Skyworks Global Pte Ltd
    • ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) Pte Ltd
    • Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd
    • Taiyo Technology (S) Pte Ltd
    • United Microelectronics Corporation
    • United Test and Assembly Center Ltd
    • Venture Corporation Limited
    • Yamauchi Singapore Pte Ltd
    Type of Member: Associate
    How to become member? Membership is open to individuals attending courses at ELITC or to companies not engaged in electronics business.
    Annual Subscription*

    Individuals – S$54.00​
    Companies – S$216.00

    ​All employees of member companies are eligible to attend ELITC’s courses and seminars at member rates.

    *Fees inclusive of GST.

    Associate Members (Corporate):​

    The following companies are not engaged in the electronics business, but use the services of ELITC:​

    • Alex Group Employment Services Pte Ltd
    • Digi Wireless Singapore Pte Ltd
    • Gap Business LLP
    • GMP Recruitment Services (S) Pte Ltd
    • Inter Island Manpower Pte Ltd
    • Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd
    • Rexy Employment Pte Ltd
    • SG HR Services Pte Ltd
    • Vision Manpower Pte Ltd